Canvas USA® Performance Shade

Canvas USA® designed the Performance Shade in 1987 for sportsman wanting protection from the sun and rain without the obstructions while fishing. During the day the Performance Shade provides protection and sun relief when you want to make it comfortable to stay out all day. Easy to install the Performance Shade made to fit your boat with over 800 console conversions, offered in 2 lengths the 700 Series which is 6 feet 8 inches long and our 800 Series 8 foot long. Cruise with top in open position on the water and when you want to store it retracts conveniently near the console handrail. When going under a low bridge or garage, pull the two pins to lay it down out of the way. Want to remove it entirely from the boat pull two quick-release pins and unscrew two screws to remove. Adjustable height allows the Performance Shade to be out of the boat driver sight.