Your Guide to FLIBS

FLIBS 2022 with Young Aficionado®

​FLIBS 2022 was another successful event, featuring a wide variety of beautiful boats, from Superyacht Village to the Submersibles. Since the show is massive, plan to spend two or more days exploring it. The Bahia Mar docs and tents, the Pier 66 Superyacht Village, and the Convention Center across the waterway are the three primary attractions at the show. To get good parking, arrive early and bring cash for water taxis and parking.

Note that UBERS are limited inside the FLIBS ecosystem. Instead, use shuttles that conveniently stop at all seven show locations and VIP areas, including the Windward VIP Club. The Windward VIP Experience ticket offers exclusive indoor and outdoor luxury retreats, gourmet food options, a premium open bar, and other amenities. You can also attend the Fort Lauderdale Concours event with a Windward VIP + Fort Lauderdale Concours Bundled Ticket, featuring classic cars, live entertainment, cocktails, and canapés

Start with Bahia Mar, where you can find out about all of your favorite boat Manufacturers and see the latest electronics, submersibles, fishing gear, and more. There are plenty of food vendors in this area. When you feel you've seen enough, take the water taxi to Superyacht Village, where you can admire the most awe-inspiring watercraft at the show, window-shop on world-famous vessels, and meet with famed yacht builders. After relaxing on the renowned superyachts, enjoy a drink at the SYV bar and overlook the beautiful marina.

Finally, head over to the Convention center, where you will find even more treasures, such as boats, gadgets, and exotic cars, before finishing up your visit to the show. With something exciting happening every day, it's apparent that FLIBS 2022 was an overall success. Be sure to mark your calendar for next year’s boat show- the 64th Annual boat show. To all young aficionados, we hope to see you there!

Your Guide to FLIBS
Young Aficionado®, Chase Hays January 18, 2024
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