Section W. 1000

Canvas USA® Workmanship/Product Warranty

W. 1002

Quality that lasts, backed by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

A warranty that stands the test of time At Canvas USA®, we take pride in crafting products that are built to be long-lasting. That's why we confidently offer comprehensive One-year workmanship and three-year product warranty on all our manufactured products, ensuring your peace of mind from the moment of purchase.

W. 1004

Value beyond the expected We understand that wear and tear is a natural part of any product's lifespan. Just like tires, brake pads, or shoes on your feet, it's important to recognize that everything has its limits. However, rest assured that our warranty covers any manufacturing defects, so you can trust in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

W. 1006

Your satisfaction matters most As reasonable people, we believe in true customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to working closely with you to find a fair resolution should any issues arise. Our definition of fair extends to both you, as our valued customer, and to Canvas USA®. Together, we will navigate any concerns and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

W. 1008

Warranty designed for you Our commitment to customer care means that we offer flexible options for warranty claims. Whether it's a replacement at no charge or a prorated amount for a replacement, we strive to find the solution that works best for you. At Canvas USA®, your needs are our priority.

W. 1010

Proof of Purchase, Your Key to Coverage To ensure hassle-free warranty claims, please keep your proof of purchase handy. It serves as your ticket to swift resolution should any issues arise. We value transparency and accountability - it's what sets us apart.

W. 1012

The Final Say in Quality Assurance Rest assured that when it comes to determining warranty claims, Canvas USA® has the final say. Our dedicated team of experts will thoroughly assess each case with fairness and professionalism, ensuring that you receive the support you need.

W. 1014

Natural fading and weather resistance We want you to enjoy our products outdoors for years to come; however, please note that natural fading occurs over time due to exposure to the elements. While our canvas is weather-resistant to a great extent, it is essential to understand that no product can be completely immune to the effects of changing weather conditions.

Please note: Computers have problems and may not retain copies of receipts. Please keep your proof of purchase safe for hassle-free warranty claims.